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           ccording to Dr.     
           Michael Yessis, 
if you pit a world class Olympic lifter against a world class sprinter in the sprinting blocks something surprising happens. The Olympic lifter will beat the sprinter in the first 5-10 meters almost every time. Because of the nature in which they continuously train, they acquire extreme explosive-speed.  It can be stated that Olympic lifters are arguably the worlds fastest athletes. See the key to more explosiveness...


The Worlds Fastest Athletes?
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The Pitching Project

Advanced and especially Elite Level Pitchers experience up to 200 and even as much as 280 lbs of stress on their shoulders and arms when they throw. As a result, protection is a crucial.

Thats why we created the Smart Strength™ program. It does what other programs don’t, protects from injury risk and enhances throwing velocity...

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Article, Illustrations and Video

            eferring to his training,

            Welker says, “Each year, you have to train harder, faster and longer and do the things necessary to keep your body right. You make sure you come out the next year as dominant as you were the year before...” The neuromuscular training, kinesiology and science-related things are what Welker craves, in order to maximize his training. “I definitely do,” says Welker,  “Activating muscles and how to do it, different things like that to make sure I’m ready to play the game and do those unique things. ”...


Training Science Analyzes Wess Welker


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