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Introduction to the EFS Training system By Chris Morton

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The EFS Scientific Training Approach: Test, Train and Improve...
The EFS Difference: The solution is in The EFS Training System. 
The proof is in our results... all ten thousand of them.

The measurable progress that we see with our advanced sports athletes and fitness seekers has been remarkable. For example, we usually see athletes run 2-4 tenths faster in their 40yd dash after using the EFS system for 3 months. For an athlete to enhance their 40yd dash speed or even 20yd speed by 2-4 tenths has a dramatic impact on the field or court.

Just consider the same athlete with the same skills and abilities performing them 2 or 3 stride lengths faster than they were 3 months prior. If you figure each stride is approximately 5-6 feet, we are talking about 3-5yds ahead (or faster) than where they were before. That is very significant. That difference can be a stolen base, an intercepted pass, a game-winning catch, an incredible save, an injury avoidance, etc...

The countless "almosts" that every athlete runs across start to become "I can do it " situations. This is tangible. It leads to enhanced performance, a more enjoyable playing experience, reduced injury risk, and greater confidence.

   Vertical Jump…

Lets take a look at vertical jump. With The EFS System we commonly see 1-5 inches of jumping improvement over a 3 month period of time. Often that is the difference in being able to grab the rim and for some dunking a ball, or blocking a shot, or picking up a rebound. In volleyball its a block or a  spike delivered from a higher point, making it virtually unstoppable for the defender. In soccer it may be a header into the goal, in softball or baseball it can be a high and outstanding catch. To the observer it looks like the athlete is lighter on their feet, as commonly reported by parents and coaches. This is tangible. At EFS, we even had a volleyball player from Archbishop Mitty High School add 7 inches in 5 months to her vertical jump! And she was no slouch. Archbishop Mitty has one of the top ranked women’s volleyball programs in the nation. To even make the varsity volleyball team there is a significant accomplishment. How about trying out while jumping 7 inches higher?! That is confidence.

Foot Quickness & Agility...

EFS athletes score on average 20-30% better in their foot quickness and agility after 3 months of using our system. Foot quickness and agility often is hard to define, but it plays a major role in the trenches, where athletes are close in proximity to one another.  In soccer you are talking about faster kicks and quicker and better ball control. In football, you are talking about quicker cutting, and greater injury avoidance (such as ankle rolling, knee sprains, etc...). In volleyball, its a greater ability to adjust your feet and body position to better match the dynamic nature of the game.  In baseball and softball, its picking up your feet faster to reach a previously "unreachable" ground ball in the infield. That can result in fewer errors and that is tangible. That is confidence and that is EFS.

   Confidence and Performance…
Strength & EFS Applied Sports Training (AST) Impact...

At EFS, confidence and performance is what we help build. We don’t have a magic wand, we don’t make lazy athletes great athletes and we certainly don’t do it over night. What we have done is identified some key areas for developing speed (acceleration) and sports-related conditioning. These areas were extensively analyzed and practiced in various pre-system formats for nearly 10 years until finally being constructed into The EFS Training System.

The Science Behind The System...

Packed with training secrets, our system of training is rooted in technical knowledge from extensive University study as well as collaboration and mentoring from East European sports & speed training experts (such as Dr. Kzrystof Mackala & Dr. Michael Yessis).

There are many ways to train that will make you sweat and experience an endorphin high.  That is the gift of exercise, and we all can receive it, with or without a trainer.

However, not all training is equal. To truly, reliably and confidently generate improvement over and over again you must do something very different.

With The EFS System, we have started with the scientific basics and then developed an extremely detailed and applied comprehension of them.

Here are just a few...

According to physics, force = mass x acceleration. This is how a smaller person can blast through a person of significantly greater size in contact sports like football and martial arts. This also applies to sports like baseball, softball, soccer and volleyball.

Speed x strength = power. This is why we use EFS Speed lifting (which is a faster version of Olympic lifting), as well as a few other exercises. At EFS, any sport that involves exerting strength fast would be categorized as a “power sport”.  Most sports that are popular in western culture can safely be considered “power sports”. At EFS, we specialize in power sports training, which enhances speed in moderate to short distances

According to physics, speed= stride length x stride frequency.  This governing rule was also instrumental in how we structured The EFS Training System.  Biomechanics (running mechanics), plyometrics, and hip power are all influenced by this principle.

Did you also know?: The person who wins the 100 meter dash is actually the one who slows down least, because the runners have all reached their top speed, and sustained it for only 1 or 2 seconds. Viewed through the lens of bioenergetics, these runners are actually demonstrating speed-endurance. We find athletes in other sports who actually  demonstrate more limb speed and running speed in shorter distances such 10, 20 and 40 yds. Top human speed is usually attained at approximately 60 yards for elite level athletes. This corresponds with the bodies ATP-Creatine energy system.  In studying “bioenergetics” (the bodies 3 main energy systems) more closely, we find that the ATP-Creatine energy system provides us with approximately 6 seconds of high intensity (high quality) energy.  Through proper training, this energy system can store more creatine (naturally), and replenish creatine levels faster, thus giving us perhaps 6.5 or 7 seconds of high intensity energy. This adaption can lead to greater speed, and the ability to repeat high speed movements with little quality degradation.

The EFS Training System is designed to equip athletes to run faster in the 60 and 40 yard dash, as well as the most common sports-relevant distances (10 and 20yd dash, etc...).

Now, to effectively implement these principles in training people, you must thoroughly understand bioenergetics, as well as the electrical innervation and receptivity of the nervous system (central and peripheral, which plays a major role in adaptation). Furthermore, you must comprehend the power and sensitivity of the endocrine system to help the athlete acquire a naturally anabolic (that is building or thriving) state verses a catabolic (overtraining or breakdown) state. 

Lastly, one must also understand the psycho-motor dynamics of training people, which is why we developed The EFS Active Intervention Instruction Model.  This enhances the learning experience for the participant, making skill acquisition faster, more thorough and more positive.

Its not a question wether or not an athlete will improve with our system. Our training system provides them with a solution they can rely on. Tested and proven effective over ten thousand times, the proof is in our results.

We encourage you to maximize your own, or a loved ones window of opportunity to be your absolute best. To do so contact us or take a look at our programs and fees section.

The Worlds 
Fastest Athletes?
According to Dr. Michael Yessis, if you pit a world class Olympic lifter against a world class sprinter in the sprinting blocks something surprising happens. The Olympic lifter will beat the sprinter in the first 5-10 meters almost every time. Because of the nature in which they continuously train, they acquire extreme explosive-speed.  It can be stated that Olympic lifters are arguably the worlds fastest athletes.
More coming soon.

See The EFS Training System in action, learn what kind of improvement athletes can expect from this reliable approach, and catch a glimpse

of the science behind the proven effective EFS Training System.

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