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“Come Break Our Records...”

Just like Merrill Hodge challenged me, we are also challenging you to come break our records, or at the least break your own personal ones. We have a long list of participants competing for records in quickness &

agility, acceleration & speed and vertical jump. 

  How far can you go with The EFS System?

    - Chris Morton

EFS Record Holders

 Idaho State University was recruiting me heavily for football and Coach Nickel was the running back coach. On my recruiting trip there after one of our dinners, coach Nickel passed out NFL trading cards and handed me Merril Hodges card and that began what became a very motivational and memorable recruiting experience for me.   

Before my trip, I remember seeing Merril Hodge rush for over 100 yards against the Broncos in the NFL playoffs with some very good runs (open field draws, etc...). This guy was tough like Larry Csonka and could run in the open field well also. Defenders did not want to tackle him and he stomped on defensive backs. As a similar style runner, I could relate.

On our trip, coach Nickel shared with me their plans. He said,... (paraphrasing) “OSU is interested in you, but you are the kind of back that should be playing right away.  The way you run, you could be the next Merril Hodge here. 
He went on to tell me that Idaho was so proud of their record breaking back, that they named a state-wide “Merril Hodge” day. 

I was excited, but had always dreamed of playing Pac-10 ball since I was a kid. 

ISU followed up by offering me a full athletic scholarship on that trip, while a fellow running back, who traveled with me (from a rival school) was passed up. I don’t think I fully appreciated their sincere and enthusiastic interest, as thats  hard to do when your that age. However, one thing did catch my attention beyond all other gestures and still motivates me to this day. When I arrived home, I shared my experiences with my parents, and they were probably more enthusiastic and appreciative of the offer than I was. 

A week later we received in a large envelope in the mail from Coach Nickel.  We opened it up and to my surprise it was a large, personally autographed picture of Steeler Running back Merril Hodge. The personal note revealed an offer and a challenge: “Hey Chris, come break my records!- Merril Hodge.” My dad was thrilled and my mom found a nice frame for it shortly after.

 More coming soon...

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Athletic Achievements

Hey Chris,

come break

my records! “

-Merril Hodge

40 Yard Dash: 4.42
Vertical Jump:  36”
Bench Press: 405 lbs
Barbell Squat: 600 lbs
Power Clean: 335 lbs.
“Ranked 17th Best 
Fullback in The Nation”
(Lindy’s Pac-10)
Chris Morton