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EFS has trained over 10,000 Athletes with recorded improvements for all of them. In some cases improvements have been greater than 50%, which translates to total athlete transformation.

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Garret Zeiter, Los Gatos High School

Sport: Football, Position: Running back, Ht: 5'10, Wt: 185.

EFS 10yd yard dash record holder, Garret Zeiter is athlete of many skills! Not only is he lightening fast in short distances, a tremendous football running back, but also extremely agile and coordinated. Here he is demonstrating a back flip.

EFS Outstanding Performance

Kata Panse, San Jose Sting Softball

Sport: Softball, Basketball

Kata Panse is a basketball and softball player, and one hard working athlete. This makes her an ideal candidate to gain maximum benefit from the EFS Training System. According to her mom, Kata wasn’t always the fastest on her team. “We really see a difference”, her mom says. Her 40 yd dash time went from 6.47 down to 5.75 seconds! “its amazing!” That is an impressive accomplishment, and very significant, both scientifically and on the field .  Kata' sprint time went from average to way above average (when compared to her peers).

Kata has clearly benefitted from the EFS bio-mechanics regimen by better coordinating her limbs during running in addition to enhancing her neuromuscular recall. The latter has enhanced her stride length, by training her hamstrings and gluteus muscles to extend better at the hip.  By training the EFS way, the impact is often immediate. Transferring more energy horizontally and less vertically, enhances efficiency and improves running time.  According to Kata’s mom, this was clearly a result of the EFS Training System.

Kata is off to a tremendous start and as she continues to use the EFS System will see cumulative effects that will actually transform her as an athlete.

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Garret Zeiter

Los Gatos HS

Even more remarkably, Garret was able to immediately re-navigate his body awareness and execute his back flip jumps from both the ground and EFS training boxes.  This is called KINESTHETIC SENSE!.... a sharp awareness of your body in space.

By the way, Garret set the EFS 10 yd dash record for his age groups at an incredible 1.31 seconds!  Believe it or not, This time would challenge some of the worlds best at all levels!
After training with EFS for a while, we were testing Garret, and not only did he run a fast time, his forward momentum was so great that he actually fell over and did a forward summersault and landed on his feet and continued running completely unfazed. We knew then that Garret would somehow make it into the EFS Special Forces category.

On the field: Garret played JV football this past season at Los Gatos High School. He was later called up to help out the Varsity. The reason he was called up was because he dominated the JV. He had rushed for nearly 1,000 yards while only half-way through the season!

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Special Forces:

If you think that you (as an EFS athlete) or a family-member have demonstrated a significant accomplishment on or off-the field you may submit your accomplishment to Extreme Fitness & Sports. If our panel agrees with your submission, then it will be featured on the EFS Special Forces section of our website and in our newsletter.

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