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In this issue: Nick Hrschman on ESPN, Keiser Power Runner


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EFS Outstanding Performances

Nick Hirschman, Los Gatos

Position: Quarterback. Ht: 6-3. Wt: 220.

Los Gatos is known for its outstanding quarterbacks, but Hirschman still put his name in the school record book. He completed 68 percent of his throws, setting school records with 2,887 yards passing and 34 touchdowns (with just three interceptions).

The Colorado-bound senior led the Wildcats to their second consecutive CCS Division II title with a 20-19 overtime win against Wilcox. He was co-MVP of the De Anza Division. 

The EFS Training System worked for Nick he saw his times greatly improve in just a few month of training.  He now is college bound, on scholarship to play D-1 football for the University of Colorado.

While training with the EFS Training System, Nick improved dramatically. His 40 yard dash went down from 5.33 seconds to 4.87 seconds, a 4 tenth improvement in just 3 months! His vertical jump improved by 2.5 inches in only 3 months!

His strong EFS improvements, along with his on-field achievements make Nick Hirschman a candidate for EFS Training Stars.

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Nick Hirschman

Los Gatos HS & Colorado Buffs

EFS Training Technology

EFS Advanced Sports Training Equipment Assists Sprinting Power


As owner of EFS and developer of our training system, I test every exercise and each piece of equipment that we use on an ongoing basis. I have noticed that when you have not used a piece of equipment or an exercise for a while you often forget how effective and beneficial it is.  I experienced this the other day after using one of our unique pieces of equipment— the Power Runner by Keiser. The system mimics the running form used when sprinting.

Simply pressing a button quickly changes the air resistance and adjusts the difficulty level of the exercise. I felt the impact yesterday during my sprint workout having used the Power Runner a few days before. I was doing some hill sprints and my push off and leg drive felt very strong, a direct result of having used the device.

We currently use our advanced sports performance equipment for athletes during private lessons. We also build customized sports performance programs around these technologies to meet individual’s personalized goals.

If you would like to experience benefits of the Keiser Power Runner visit our facility, or sign up for one of our personalized training programs. This machine will help lengthen your stride, which is one-half of the physics running speed equation. The result is that by lengthening your stride, you will increase your running speed.


Power Runners, Used at EFS


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