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Thousands Trained & Proven Results



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Thousands Trained & Proven Results

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“Adaptation Accumulation”
Joan Caloiaro
Sport: Volleyball,  
Position: Setter, Height: 5’ 11”  College: USF Volleyball,  High School: Archbishop Mitty  
Training Emphasis: Quickness & Agility, Acceleration and Jumping.

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Joanie is also an EFS Training Star.

Joan Caloiaro
           “Long Duration, Moderate Focus & Frequency, Adaptation Accumulation” 
The strategy of the athlete here was to maximize their athletic development over a period of years. 
In this case, the EFS System helped the participant successfully transition from the Prep Level to the Elite Level. 
As a testimony, she received an athletic scholarship and has already achieved honors as a starting college freshman.





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For Elite Level EFS athletes 1 tenth= approximately 1 stride length or about 6 feet.
         “Moderate Duration, Intense Focus, Moderate Frequency, Extreme Adaptation”  
The strategy of the athlete here was to maximize their athletic development over a moderate duration (5-6 months). 
In this situation, the EFS System helped the participant successfully gain maximal inches in jump height to help her compete at the Prep Level. 
As a testimony, she was able to compete, make the cut and and play for the State Championship Volleyball Team (one of the top volleyball high schools in the country).
6 Tenths Faster
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Grant Napier
Vinny Caloiaro